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Default Tabs Freezing

Okay, I use Windows 8.1 and Chrome Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit) (Husband is using the same thing)

Last week my husband started having issues with the tabs freezing while he was playing.

He plays on 6 servers, so he had 6 tabs open. He would be playing, then switch between tabs, and SOME of the tabs would freeze and he would have to refresh, but not all of them.

I was playing on my laptop and not having any issues. I had not turned off my browser or my laptop in a few weeks - I generally just put my laptop to sleep.

Today I did a reboot, and now I am having the same issues he is having.

Is anyone else who is playing on multiple servers, at the same time, having tabs freeze where you have to refresh the tab to get it running again?

I am using flash because HTML5 is a mess for me.

Everything is fully updated, so it isn't that.

BTW - it only happens in the game. I can be surfing other sites and using multiple tabs, but none of those freeze, so it is something to do with the game.
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