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Originally Posted by BlueDude2 View Post
Warrior's perspective:

I hate scouts with high HP because that means a longer battle. A longer battle means even if the scout isn't totally raping me with lucky evades, I have to land more hits with my paltry warrior damage, which is unreliable in critting. TBH, I don't even look at scout damage because 50% armor mitigation, 25% block mitigation, and relatively high Dex (don't skimp too much on defense stats, they make a difference eventually) means that it won't hurt very hard anyway. It's a matter of countdown for the scout, but a matter of luck for the warrior. If I can only kill a scout in even rounds, what is the likelihood they won't evade just one of those rounds to edge me out? I'm sure dex is important, but Con scares the bejeezis out of me.

Also, I believe that a high con scout essentially exploits the warrior's advantage against the mage, and with higher damage than warriors, this means a better chance to beat mages.
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