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Hard to say BMWGuinness so I haven't voted yet, but I will before the deadline. btw this is a similar poll to my banhammer one lol.

However I do have a theory which I will elaborate on in another thread.

Edit: Voted. Went with legitimately, but I do agree with Spider's number four point.

Originally Posted by Visitor View Post
People quit cause the game is too simple and boring
You know Visitor I really appreciate how Dastard responded to your comment in a nice way and since I intentionally picked my name to keep myself acting lady-like I will try to word my next sentences carefully.

I notice a trend with you Visitor (love the simplicity of your name). In the chat you don't really say anything constructive. You like saying things like "blah-blah" and "whatever" (no other words just these).

If you find the game and chats to be so boring then why not go and find another game? With the multitude of games out there I am sure you could find something to excite you. However, I am assuming that you are a mature individual and not some bored little kid with nothing else better to do with his time than make inane remarks.

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