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I think the answer to this poll is fairly simple and yet complex; It all boils down to people quit because they are bored. I dont think its any other reason, including being afraid of the banhammer. For some reaosn, BMWGuinness seems absolutely stuck on this idea and has mentioned it in numerous posts.

The game itself, is not THAT interesting to a wide audience, because there is no end and its obviously incredibly repetitive. From a game standpoint, you can either strive to be the #1 player, be in the #1 guild, collect all items for your scrapbook, attempt to conquer all the dungeons, and/or simply meander along at your own pace, maybe chat in a guild..etc.

That said..many of the other issues presented by most of you remain valid; some people will be quickly bored doing 100 thirst, killing the same old glompfs and upgrading their boots and gloves to ones with slightly better armour or CON/DEX..etc..
Others will be irked that they didnt start on a server early enough, so they have little chance to be number one or top 10 unless they hope that those early adopters finally become bored and quit.
And many people do quit..because the game itself isnt THAT interesting.

I play because I am here for the chat. So I disagree that player interaction isnt present. I have some VERY good friends I have made on a few of the servers.. I know others in my guild have done the same..perhaps its because I try to encourage chat, perhaps there are simply some terrific individuals in this guild, perhaps its because I also try to foster a lot of interaction with guildmates outside of the game (an offline forum, email, phone, trading photos and videos..whatever). I dont know the answer, but I do know that in the guilds I have been a part of, I see a lot of chat and people having a good time and chatting, and if you combine that with the competitive nature that many of us have, it can make for a rewarding experience.
Add to the fact that Playa strives to add new equipment, dungeons and other features from time to time, it helps keep the game from becoming too stale (for me at least).

So if you arent competitive..and/or maybe real life gets in the way, you'll likely quit.
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