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Originally Posted by Gynx View Post
I think the answer to this poll is fairly simple and yet complex; It all boils down to people quit because they are bored.
In general I didn't disagree with anything Gynx said...not even this quote. My one thought with this, however, and I believe it may be running through BMW's mind, is that is seems that a lot of people are getting "bored" with the game soon after the Banhammer was announced.

It may JUST be coincidence, and quite frankly as a casual player, it really didn't affect me one way or the other (announcement of the banhammer, I mean), but I can understand why some people look upon the mass exodus as suspicious.

Originally Posted by Likaios View Post
And ironically, I started playing recently because the game is so simple. Ordinarily I play more complex and more time consuming games, but my life just doesn't permit regular, extended gaming sessions these days. S&F is a great solution for me-- I can slip in and play a bit when I want to and just do city guard when I'm skint for time. Point being, I don't think we can say simplicity is a conclusive reason why large numbers of people might leave the game.
My reasons are largely similar to Lika's. I, too, came from more "complex" MMORPG, but time and cost were luxuries I didn't have any more, so the "simplicity" of SnF appealed to me. It still does. Granted, as a casual player striving to be better, the game is still interesting for me. I have met some interesting people, some of whom I enjoy conversing with, and that too is part of the appeal of this game for me.

Just a few other points I wanted to touch on. I think it was Lika too who commented on the numerous servers being opened and the danger of killing off the community because of it being watered down. I have to agree. It was definitely something I was thinking about myself, as I have lost guild members to new servers in an effort to challenge to be number one.

My last thought here is that, if it is too hard to catch up to number one once the server has been active for a while, isn't that a fault in the gameplay and shouldn't/couldn't that be addressed, instead of opening up new servers as a remedy?

ps: lol. I actually think I cast my 'vote' for "who cares, I am gaining ground", simply because it tickled me so...with a glimmer of truth behind it too.