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show a screenshot of a 10,000,000 gold epic
I will next Epic weekend unless it gets fixed.

I am almost 300 and I only needed 10,000,000 to get a full epic set this weekend.
For 300+ epics cost 3-4 mil. + 15 shrooms (the cheapest one was 2.9 mil +15 shrooms, weapons being the most expensive cost up to 6 mil + 15 shrooms), or 10 mil without shrooms.

For 10 mil you can buy only 1 weapon and 1 other item or 3 non-weapon epics as a maximum. Looks like you're not that "almost" 300.
(idk your level, but let's say 290 is not "almost" 300 - it's good 4 months to level 300, besides costs/rewards could switch to different growth rates EXACTLY as you hit 300, same as XP/min)

Gold only epics are not that rare as you may think (idk how many popped up, but I bought 3 epics for 10 mil each during the weekend). 4 mil is also a lot given that I spend 15 shrooms.
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