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Default Seasonal Greetings form the Severed Tongue

We seem to have survived the end of the world (again). Because that is always a reason for a party, we made you an Xmas card in the spirit of the holiday season. You can find it on:

Obviously we donít expect one back. But if you would like to leave us something in return, we would really appreciate it if you would do it in the form of a reply to the card (how you can reply is described at the right side of the blog).

Take care and make sure you donít blow yourself up while playing with the new yearís firework. Mutilating you is our job

On behalf of all the scum and lowlifes from the Severed Tongue
Want to know what makes scum tick?
Too lazy to spy on us, but still want all the dirt?
Just want to have a laugh every now and then?

Vistit our blog at and have fun. And while you're at it, why don't you leave us a message?
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