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iM AN OLD COMPUTER USER, AND BEEN AROUND BEFORE even THE aTARI/ACTIVISION lAWSUITS.. If you dont know that lawsuit, look it up.

MS has been trying for YEARS to close their system..They even created their OWN Java, and TRIED to do the same with Adobe(adobe Scared them off)..
HTML5, is going to be a BUNCh of BS, based on 1 idea...TRACKING everything you do..
Adobe added (a couple years back) tracking data to the program. MS did the same with Their Audio program, years ago..AND part of the reason Windows media player LOOKS UP ALL the info/data on your music..

The Big corps, for the movie and music industry have been Bitching for YEARS about HOW to track who has what..
HTML5, is going to have So much crap in it, from DRM tracking to monitoring everything we do.. The funny part of all this, is IF' you really want HTML5, and a Browser that uses it..
ADOBE has gotten to big. for all the Crap in it. It used to be LIKE a driver..NOW its a FULL BLOWN program sitting on your system, Running in the background, and/or Every time you jump on the internet.

Chrome has a few problems and gets ABIT confused. It loads up Background tasks for Each of the Scripts/Java/HTML5/Flash it is trying to run..WHICH isnt bad, until it gets COMPLICATED.. I like Chrome, But I use Firefox for Protection I install. I can see Everything happening, and restrict anything I want. and I dont think FF is dealing with HTML5 yet..and I dont mind..its like PEOPLE that Play Alpha games and give a review,,,ITS STUPID, its not finalized or Stable,,
Browser have to be EMULATORS..They have to deal with7+ different Internet languages and make Sense of it..Chrome, FF, IE, every browser shows the same Site, differently..
MS is closing their OS..win10 is another step in that direction, and Win10(s) is can only Purchase and install from the MS STORE..
The OS on All the windows products from phones/tablets/Computer/Console, they are TRYING to integrate into an OS that 1 driver works on ALL..Anyone making a program or game for Windows, will have to GO THRU MS..

THIS is MS windows..and every time I have a problem it tends to be AFTER an update from MS. And its getting REAL stupid. Things work Great, then they start to Fail, and the Program has to FIX something MS, Broke.. Win 7 has Gadgets(which got infected), Win 8 had OTHER gadgets not compatible, and MS couldnt MAKE ANY, for some reason, and Even win10 has APPS..WHY? I dont know, but Those apps, dont even compare with ANY other system of Apps, from Android to Apple..I like things to Monitor my system, to CATCH problems BEFORE they get bad. MS store has none.

Just keep watching, and tell me when Jumping to LINUX would be better then Staying with Windows..
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