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what crazy harry is trying to say is that mid level guilds that had already achieved maximum possible exp and gold bonuses will now be unable to due to the level of difficult from guild dungeons, forcing top players from midlevel guilds to leave and look for better guilds to attain better bonuses. I agree with him on this, the guild dungeons shouldn't be this hard so that everyone has a chance to get the bonuses.
I also agree on this. Before dungeons release bonuses + 85-90% were considered quite good. Meaning 10 -15% gap compared to the maxed guilds.

After dungeons release, I estimate that top guilds can beat 16 dungeons without having any troubles with bosses (given +10 boss level progression observed so far, 16th dungeon corresponds to lvl 200 boss - comparable to top players current level) within a week (some already did 7).

Smaller guilds can't do dungeons higher than their best player level. Besides with dungeon gold costs, they can't do dungeons everyday.

As a result, within 1 week the dungeons created gap can be 28% (I assume 2 dungeons for smaller guilds for the same week). Let's add the gap existing before, and we get 38% - 43% overall gap compared to top guilds (you can't simultaneously do dungeons and upgrades if the guild wasn't maxed).

Such gap is really a problem and can persist for a long time. Top guilds will level faster (higher bonuses) and beat more dungeons and level even more faster. Smaller guilds won't be able to catch up.