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Well, of course there is a technical option to increase bonuses (for not maxed guids) and do dungeons at the same time. But in fact, either you save gold for dungeons or you do upgrades.
Previously there was one source of gap: players ability and willingness to donate - quite manageble by guild policies.
Currently, there is another source added: level of the top player (you can't beat high level dungeons, even if all players are donating every piece of gold they earn).
Yes, if you max first and than do dungeons - you will have only 1 source of gap remaining (that's difficult to generalize, that's the gap between top player level in your guild and top players in your server). Anyway, it will take time (to collect gold, to do raids) - all this time you would have a disadvantage of 40%, just to arrive to 10-20% gap (according to Bullbound's estimation).
I have a different estimate: 20% means 10 dungeons, i.e. 100 level dif between top players. Currently, top players at US1 are lvl 200. How many smaller guilds (not maxed out on paid bonuses) have at least 100 lvl players?
If they have a 100 lvl. now, he will not be able to level as fast as players his level in top guilds at least for that 40% disadvantage period I described earlier. That means that by the time the smaller guild max out, the gap will be more than 100 levels (don't forget XP gains after dungeons raids).

The gap will tend to increase, due to time lag. And 20% - is too optimistic, even for the starting level of dungeons created gap.