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Of course, you're assuming that none of your guild members level up. Obviously it'll be difficult to get past the guild dungeons if all of your guild members stay around level 50.

Keep upgrading your guild stats, and keep leveling up. The monsters in the guild dungeons will stay at the same level, so you'll be able to take them on at some point.

And what are you complaining about anyway?

If another guild attacks you and you lose, the only thing you'll actually lose is your rating. No gold is lost, and your exp is untouched. Maybe you got your feelings hurt, but please, it's just a game.

Do you want to be able to do attacking raids and still be competitive? You can still do that. I have no idea why you'd want to skip all the guilds that are around your level and go straight to the number one ranked guild. Of course you won't survive. That aspect never changed before the dungeons.

Are your best leveled players complaining because they can't compete with mushroom guilds? Well, mushroom guilds were always much stronger than non-paying guilds. But the guild dungeons do nothing to make anything more disadvantageous to you since none of the guild dungeons require mushrooms.

So as long as your guildmates keep leveling, and they keep donating, the "gap" you mentioned earlier won't actually exist. Once you have cleared all 50 dungeons, you will still only be 75 upgrades behind the mushroom guild. 50 if you only count the exp and gold upgrades. Have some patience my man! You will always have difficulty being competitive with a mushroom guild, but that gap was never increased because of these dungeons.