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Default Sticker Album So-Close-To-Completed Contest Winners!

During my vacation, my email was treated to a selection of the first winners of the Sticker Album So-Close-To-Completed Contest. So far, only four players, two from Server 1 and Server 2, have grabbed the last item to complete four full pages of the Sticker Album.

The winners are:
Server 1:
Mallen (Grand Prize)
Charista (1st Runner-up)
bman941 (2nd Runner-up)

Server 2:
  1. Vizari (Grand Prize)
  2. Alterra (1st Runner-up)
  3. Blacksun (3rd Runner-up)

Server 3:
  1. alhill (Grand Prize)
  2. Vallexie (1st Runner-up)
  3. LordReiden (2nd runner-up)
  4. kiss (Consolation prize - submitted minutes after LordReiden)


This and the discussion thread will be updated as additional winners are declared. Rewards will be sent within a week of posting a new winner.

Happy hunting!

All prizes for all eligible servers have been claimed!

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