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Originally Posted by Lord Arse View Post
I like change and all the improvements they've made to the game recently - barring chat, which is still a PITA [...].
Speaking of chat: today... I type in a message, right?... Timestamp says xx:00 - dump some gold, timestamp saying xx:05.

Well, up pops the reply to my chat message after the gold dump, stamped xx:00...

So, it displayed thus, friends, Romans, countrymen, etc.:

xx:00 [me] blah blah

xx:05 /gold dump

xx:00 [reply from other party]

Ha! Brilliant! Works like a charm! Been struggling with my time machine for 300 years, never got anywhere with it...
(All right, so it worked once before, but that's it! Never once since, till today, in S&F chat! I'm celebrating with a 300-year old bottle of Champagne!
Hmm, come to think of it, maybe I should sell it on auction...)

Right. Inventory slots...

Well, it's either or, innit?

I can deal with the fewer slots...

Have chewed up 121 dungeons before I hit level 240 (yes, I know: opinions differ on how wise was that).
Cleared all the level 10 dungeons up to level 121 starting at the time when I hit level 220, or slightly earlier.

Can also claim dozens and dozens of +20, +30 level PvP wins, with the highest being either a +48 level adversary, or a +52 one - all documented, all by way of screenshots.

So much for chess...

However, I could also deal with an increased number of slots, and I think it would be an intriguing change, and fun - at least from a collector's, or a pack rat's POV.

It wouldn't 'break the game.' (No, it would not, now stop it! )


(If you got frightened by that, though, be afraaaid!... Be very afraid of THE KILLER SLOTS! )
Still waters run red...
...behave and be mindful...

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