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Default Leadership changes....

Ok, I, SimplyTheBest on server 3, have take over the leadership role of Holding Bay. It is such an honour to even been in the guild. Through, most of us are inactive, it is no surprise as server 3 is dying away...

I give all my credits to Bullbound for all the things he did for our guild, all the weekly tips, give-away mushrooms contest and advices for new players.We,guild members appreciated and He will be missed in the leader role.

Oh lastly, WE ARE RECRUITING! Starting from level 0 to level ∞ and from all the sexes, races and religions! Also, we are talking mergers in from any guild! If interested, mail me or Bullbound.

Let us make this guild raise to top 10 where it once belongs!
~veni vidi vici
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