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The problem is still happening to me I upgraded to FireFox 19.0 and Upgraded from Internet Explorer 7 to IE8

Using those 2 browsers I can not get S&F to load past that Gargoyle head frame in the attached screen shot. For some unknown reason everything just stops there and freezes up on me. My PC keeps working through out all of this. I can do what ever I like. Except I just can not get S&F to load. I even left the web page up for 5 hours it never loaded beyond the Gargoyle frame..

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing all of the Browsers on my PC. I have also updated to the newest version of adobe flash for IE & Firefox

I will try uninstalling them all one last time and doing a clean install of Flash & both browsers but after that I will give up on trying to get S&F to load. I will use Google Chrome for now but I hate not being able to play using Firefox like I used to.

I am finding the problems I am having with this game to be more & more frustrating as time goes by. I said I would Quit when It is no longer fun it is close to that point now.
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