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the game plays itself!

I make a duel in this post to show how its intended.
(I'll make it so there's only 1 attack/defense to make it quicker)

player 1: secretly knows his/her secret weapon and shield. The super boxing glove in a box and the iron massive shield.

player 2: secretly knows his/her secrets weapon and shield too. The massive ball of fire and the magnetic forcefield.

player 1 starts to strike with a weapon of his choice (from the ones he originally wrote)... so, after a long and hard thinking he decides to go for his only choice, the boxing glove in a box and announces it.

player 2. who had already picked his/her own defence chose the magnetic force field.

Battle: the magnetic forcefield was on and player 2 reached for the box and curiously opened it, from the box a boxing glove jumps out and hits him/her in the face. player 2 looses 1 point.

assuming there would be a round 2:

player 2 attacks and uses his/her massive ball of fire.
player 1 defends with his massive shield.

Since the shield his so massive all player 1 gets are some small burns in his/her hands but the shield protected him/her from the fire.

This is how I originally intended the fights to be like.
btw, I'm open for challenges and creativity here is what makes the difference.

there's some relativity to the game, that's why I said a judge is required.
It also works a lot based on the players honesty and trust. How do I know that the player who originally chose the magnetic forcefield didn't change his mind as soon as he heard the weapon to be used against him for smth possibly new.

OR, how do I even know that a thick shield would defend a giant fireball.

That's why there's a possible need for a judge who's in touch with either players weapons and defences. Forum admins are the ideal folks since they pretty much always around.

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