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Currently I don't even look at what the quests are in the tavern, the text, or who the opponent will be. The text is entertaining at first, but gets old, and old players don't read it, or care who they fight in a quest. (Just how much gold or xp they will gain.) This could be made much more interesting by making it matter. If, for example, you fought a dragon in a quest, you might get a dragon scale as an item after the fight. (Or fighting a bat, a bat wing.) when you had accumulated three or so dragon scales, you could trade them in for a dragon scale potion, which might give you a permanent +1 strength. Three bat wings might give you +1 Dex.) This would also make the player have to make meaningful choices, such as, I have two bat wings, do I keep them, or try to collect dragon scales instead. This would make the players think quite a bit more about which quest is interesting, and could be used to make them read and care about the text, and who their opponent is.
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