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Originally Posted by rvm1975 View Post
also I want to admit that game was quite different years ago ...
Exactly! It was a VERY different game. As Mr. Baggins said; scrapbook, extra 20 thirst, additional dungeons and many more. I can remember the "opening" of the 13th dungeon. It wasn't always a thing, it was added later. Also, there werent weekly events for gold or exp. They were MUCH rarer, only on special events.

Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
Sidenote: Is the nick RocknRolla based by any chance on Guy Ritchie movie?
Yes, it is. It was my nickname online for years. ^_^

By the way, this photo is only with a life potion (+%25 HP) and an int potion. I have Potion of Eternal Life drinked up until 26th of March, but I havent been lucky about getting Const/Str potions lately, and I'm too cheap to spend shrooms on New Goods.

For better reference;

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