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Thank you all for your thoughts on this

I would shroom if I had work and a steady pay day but since work is iregular there is no money to play with so I stay a non shroomer.

I use a 3-2-1 formula for most of my stats. For every 300 I put in dexterity I would put 200 in constitution with 100 to luck then 50 to strength and intelligence.

As of yesterday I leveled to 195 =) I take for the most part gold unless I need experience to level. I like leveling low and slow with heavy stats. This is just my way of playing I do not recommend it to everyone because experience and leveling pay off for the first 150 levels after that I think gold is the way to go.

The bow 2 works out to be better in most cases Charista but honestly bow 1 hits more consistently after a dozen arena bouts 6 with each bow I have found that bow 1 has been my better weapon. It hit for a total of 895500 hit points worth of damage over bow 2. while that is not much that does add up ..

now while bow 2 has a higher damage rate with my increased dexterity which so far has not helped me any because I kept hitting low with it. that just maybe because I have had bad luck..

As much as waiting to do dungeons is a good idea I really screwed the pooch on that one. I am now at dungeon 11-4 The bearded lady a level 270 warrior who one hits me, it hits me & I hit the floor. Ouch!

My current Base stats and then what my stat's are with potions & equipment they do change a little as it becomes needed. But keeping items is out at this time with 3 spaces reserved for potions I am saving the best 2 potions I have found so far, for our attempt to take Dungeon 15 On Saturday. If I am lucky I hope I will find a good Dexterity Potion befor that day. I wish I could find a POEL for gold only now that would make my week.

1130 - 1301
1705 - 5060
1130 - 1301
1650 - 2636
1605 -2195
I constantly monitor gear armour on quests and whats in the shop.. I like to have ready items to swap in and out depending on who I am going to face in the arena. but that is only when I am planing on going for victories the hard way ie players above my standing.

I am still working on filling out my scrapbook which is only 74% full at this time.. Scrap book means more to me than how high I am ranked.. But Just For Evil Fun has climbed to the top 23 guild on server 2 since the merger. So that rocks..

And all you guys on the Forum rock it helps to get other opinions and see other view points on Stats and equipment.. You have all been a great benefit to me and the choice I had to make. I feel more confident that I made the right choice in not buying Bow 3.

man I type to much !
Never give up & Never surrender. Fight with your last breath. Fight 2 live & Fight 2 survive. Never say never & never say die. In time all shall die, will we transcend & attain a place afterlife. I'm tired & I'd like to go home. My fight is not yet done, I'm not yet ready to cross. Pay Charon the ferryman when I go. He will need his gold if I am to cross the river Styx
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