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Goran saw the old man closing towards him, to sit down in the chair across his table, and stared into Goranís eyes. Yes, your eyes say it, please come with me to a more private room too many ears around here. Who are you, said Goran, what do you want? Please time is of the essence, said the old man, now follow me! No, said Goran, not before I hear a name. Fine, said the old man, my name is Selsior. Now please follow me, before itís too late.

Selsior took Goran by the arm, Goran almost fell down for his right leg was sleeping. He grabbed his sword for support and walked together with Selsior into a small room with only a wooden bed, two chairs and a small wooden table that was not very well made. Selsior took a chair and sat down, he made a notion towards Goran to do the same. As Goran walked towards the chair he saw a mark in the neck of Selsior. The seal of the dragon, a mark only for scholars and people who could afford to fake one. These marks were made by the dragon people of the dark forests, only they possessed the knowledge of skin marking. Goran sat down and looked towards Selsior. So scholar what is it you want from me. Selsior looked surprised at Goran and saw Goran point at the back of his neck. Ooh, said Selsior, yes it is true, Iím a scholar. Goran nodded and began to feel that, like the table, the chairs werenít that well made either, better said they were like sitting on a bed of needles but more sharp.

Selsior took something out of his pocket and laid it on the table. Please take this said Selsior. What is it Goran asked, as he looked with confusion towards the object on the table. It resembled a lump of coal rapped in cloth, yet it shined as a diamond but with great darkness. Itís a dream runner egg. A what? Goran was looking very confused. A dream runner egg, said Selsior, the only one mankind has ever seen in existence. Only those who are descendants of the old can hold it within their hands and not feel the pain of this world. Goran looked at Selsior like a child looks at his father when he explains where children come from for the first time. Selsior picked the egg up and tears began running down his face, his eyes turned, and his whole body shivered. Please take it said Selsior, turning whiter by the minute. Goran extended his hand. And Selsior dropped the egg, while it was falling in slow motion towards Goranís hand. Goran began to feel the same feelings again that he felt so many times before. The air around him began turning dense, like somebody was choking his throat. When the egg fell into his hands he felt how cold it was, yet so light. The feelings just suddenly disappeared. He felt nothing, every feeling within him was suddenly gone. He looked at the egg, and back at Selsior. He saw Selsior still shaking but with a large smile on his face. You are the one, the first of many, the ones who will change this world, and bring peace to it once more and undo the mistake off all man. Goran blinked, and stared back at the egg. He saw a shadow moving within it, and disappearing again.

Yes, said Selsior, it is a dream runner, a demon of the world. Goran blinked again, Selsior stood up and walked towards the bed, and before Goran could even ask any of the questions he had finally in his mind, saw Selsior in a deep sleep. Goran looked at the egg again. Stood up, put the egg into his coat, and walked out the room to his own. Tomorrow he thought. Tomorrow Iíll ask him what he means with one of many. As Goran walked towards his room he felt it again. As he walked into his room, he felt the feeling grow stronger, he looked outside the fogged up window, and saw a dark shadow move in the distance and disappear. The feelings subsided and he walked towards the bed, took off his boots and shirt and laid back. He looked at the ceiling till his eyes finally closed, and darkness was all he could feel.

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