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Default Part 1 - The beautiful Orc, 1

Come and listen you drunkards and fools
For I will tell you a story most exiting.
But no it ain't about dragons and ghouls
It's about a race considered quite revolting.

On my way to the North to meet my old master
I ran into bandits looking to mug yours truly.
They wanted my gold which was full of luster
I drew my cross bow and fought them skillfully.

But alas I was left wounded by the battle
and I loss consciousnesses from the pain.
I awoke with my foot a-shackle,
in a cave beside those I had slain.

'twas dark and smelly,
the cave had a warm fire burning
a good break from feeling chilly,
I tried to move only to find I was still hurting.

Then I saw a figure hotter than the flame,
Could not see her face as she stared at me.
She said "Bernice is my name"
She stepped into the light and her face I did see.

The fair maiden was an Orc!
She had a body to make men drool,
But her face was best left in the dark,
for with her Orc face, she looked a fool.

She told me I couldn't leave for a man she needed,
What an orc saw in an elf, I do not know.
But she said an elf was just the man she wanted.

As hot as he body was, I couldn't stay.
I had to continue my journey to master my art,
but this orc I couldn't slay...

* Sorry for taking so long to write again, I have been busy trying to get into College. Part two will be along soon, I promise.
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