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Dear Diary,
The blonde woman in the corner seemed to be looking for someone special. I went to the bar and ordered whiskey. Oh I do so love whiskey, the fire in the throat and warm feeling, but even more so how it rots humans from the inside out, what a marvelous invention by Our Father Below – all praise and fear be to his name. I was so caught up in my revelry that my mind took a moment to process the summoning:

“Hey pssst!”

I turned arching my eyebrows to the woman who narrowed her eyes and spoke.

“Yes, you! I need a golden suit of armor made out of copper. Go to the Shadowrock Mountain. There is an old dragon will help you, unless he decides to kill you first. Just make sure that the armor is gold plated, but not made out of massive gold. It could get heavy. Stay cool.”

She said this last bit with a smirk on her face. Its easy to ‘stay cool’ in the Shadowrock Mountains, they are snow capped year round. As a demon I cannot be injured by cold, but I don’t care for it and it does take a lot of energy out of me to combat its effects. I ordered a flask of whiskey for the road and set off.

The path up the mountain winds a great deal, it’s a temptation to just try and climb the steep parts and speed things up a bit. But no, I plodded on and listened to the howling of the wind which is comforting; it sounds like the desperate lonely cries of the damned. I put aside the homesickness and passed over the footbridge to where the dragon should be. Imagine my surprise when I found the skeleton of a dragon covered with icicles. An adventurer had gotten here before me, I surmised, but will the armor still be here?

I searched for the horde, but it had been rifled through; it was just empty crates now. I sought amongst the creature's bone pile and found various scraps of armour, a few were bronze but nothing gold plated. Hmmm.

Inspiration struck and I took a nice flat dragon bone and used it for an anvil. Dragon bones are harder than steel, even when old. I started a nice fire using the scraps of clothing that were around and my own tinder, flint and steel. I set to work making gold plating out of some gold coins I had, hammering them out with a warhammer and then soldering them to the bronze armor pieces. Bronze is a copper alloy, by the way, and the mission had not specified pure copper.

There! Good as gold and mission accomplished.

As I set off back to the tavern across the footbridge I was surprised by a thief who appeared at the end of the bridge with a crossbow and a long knife. He demanded my money and he had the better ground as I could get no footing on the bridge nor turn around without being riddled with crossbow shots. He was also very good with his blade, effortlessly parrying my blows and nicking me to pieces as I wobbled unsteadily on the planks. When my foot went through the bridge I lost my weapon into the ravine below. Now this was rather awkward. My shield would hold him a short while, but then what?

I decided on a bold gamble – after he broke through and struck me on the chest I fell back and lay motionless with eyes closed. He came closer, surveyed me and then started searching for my purse. I waited until I could feel his garlic and beer laden breath then grabbed at his garment. He was surprised by this, but nearly as much as he was surprised when I rolled us both off the bridge. We hung there for a moment suspended by my one foot and I enjoyed the white terror in his eyes. The foot came loose and we plummeted to his death. I was knocked unconscious for some hours as well, but my demonic regeneration kicked in as it always does whereas the Thoughtless Thief had the disadvantage of mortality.

I collected my weapon, and his gold, and the armor which was scattered about and returned for my reward. Another long day, dear diary, but very profitable; I have added another soul to the clutches of hell and strengthened my earthly powers.
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