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Default Someone PLEASE explain the pet stats

I really want this broken down into why what is what and how it's calculated.

Use little words. Math is my nemesis.

How are the "pack bonuses" figured? If you look at the different elements, even if you have the same amount of pets for each element, the pack bonus numbers are different.

On the main character stats, if you scroll over the stats it tells you the amount of stat bonus from the pets. My MAIN attribute has a massive amount more bonus than the substats, yet, I have more or same amount of pets for the substats.

My con pet bonus is over 400 points more than my main stat bonus, and yet they have the same amount of pets and only 2 upgrade points difference. Why?

I know I'm not the only one asking this question, so if someone understands how the stats are calculated even a little bit, please explain - little words, seriously, math and I have never been friends! - so that maybe we can use a little bit of strategy in upgrading.
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