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Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
From what I know secondary stats lower appropriate stats of opponent.

Meaning that if you as a mage have 1000 dex, then you lower your opponents dex by 500, and so decrease his damage.
This is correct.
I don't really agree with the part about con and mages, though. To me, the main attribute and con are equally important to all classes.

Norman is right about the luck, any additional gold dumped into luck after you hit a 50% chance against level 400 is wasted.
8000 luck is very hard do reach though, even with nothing but +3 epics at level 350, even more so with the occasional main att-item,
so don't worry about hitting a theoretical maximum here too soon. ^^

As to the secondary attributes: Someone on the German board argued that any stat point that costs more than 5 M is wasted as well,
because the benefit from investing in the main attribute and con instead is simply greater and always will be, due to the cap at 10 M.
He did some calculations to try and prove his point, too, but I didn't bother with those because it seems logical to me, anyway.
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