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Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
From what I know secondary stats lower appropriate stats of opponent.

Meaning that if you as a mage have 1000 dex, then you lower your opponents dex by 500, and so decrease his damage.
so for every 2 points I put into str, currently costing 1.6 million, I can lower my opponent's str by 1. To raise my int by 1 costs 10 million, so if I were fighting only warriors it would make sense to put my gold into Str until it reaches 5 million, at which point it makes more sense to put gold into Int exclusively.

The complicating factor is that only 1/3 of my battles, on average, should be against warriors. Which suggests I should discount the benefit of raising my str by 2/3, with a cap of 1.7 million or so.

Except right now I am fighting warriors both in the tower and in the dungeon.


Although the stats work pretty well with armor and luck I would actually say that mage needs Con the least.
Con gives mages very little and the damage on weapons is far greater then other classes.

Considering that each next attack gets additional 40% damage (200% on round 6) damage is far more important for mage.
I don't think I agree with this logic. If your con is low, the chance is poor that you will reach round 6. Against the current dungeon boss I typically get killed after 2-4 hits. If I could make it to 5 hits, my cumulative damage would be 41% higher [(1 + 1.4 + 1.8 + 2.2 + 2.6)=9 vs (1 + 1.4 + 1.8 + 2.2)=6.4]. So really what needs to be calculated when deciding to put an additional stat point into int or con is the probability a minute additional amount of damage will turn the battle in my favor vs. the probability that a minute chance I will get in one additional hit will be decisive. And here I don't know how to make the calculation.

effing stats.
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