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I wanted to write here, and totally forgot about that.

Considering all the classes I would still argue that Con is more important to some then to others.

The thing is Con gives Warriors five times more then it gives mages.

Considering a lvl 300 character putting one point to Con

gives 1500 HP to Warriors

and gives only 300 HP to Mages

That's not all! Warrior has damage reduction of 50%, so with just one Con point he actually get 3000 HP.
Mage has only 10% reduction.

Although stats should be balanced when you hit cap things become more questionable.

Mages have about 2,5 more damage in their weapons compared to Warriors.

So putting one point into Int gives a lot more overall power then upping Con.

Of course you would have to take into account whether this Con would increase survivability in a Dungeon for let's say one more hit.
Because another hit guarantees another +40% to damage (+80% with crit)

Bottom line: Con is most important to Warriors - it's basically their offensive stat. What to do after cap you hit gold cap? That's hard to say.
Best mage on our server pushes on Int (1k more then Con), and he managed to outrank everyone in Dungeon and Tower.
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