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Forums are usually like this. Look at the Steam forums, while obviously loads more active than the S&F one, they also don't move super fast considering the 40-50 million users it contains.

While S&F might appear to have hundreds of thousands of accounts, most of those are inactive. Currently 135799 accounts on s2. (which clearly has been cut down a lot as there were a lot more), maybe like 20k of them are above level 10, of those about 5k are above 50. A third of the accounts seem to have been played for maybe a day, if that.

Cross-server you'll find a lot of players who are active amongst multiple servers. So those might be an extra 100k accounts, they might be just 20k players. So, the player base isn't as big as you might think.

Either way, to your unwelcoming question. I've seen plenty of posts that say that it has already been answered, but almost all those post either answer again or link to the answer.

Also, it's not like they have to sift through 50k posts. More often than not, they could find an answer within half a minute.