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Default *BUG* Guild Dungeons Sticker Bug Details

What: Members have been reporting that various Guild Dungeons have not been rewarding stickers consistently. Some members will receive the sticker for being in the battle, while others in the guild that were ‘Ready for Battle’ do not.

Where: Guild Dungeons

When: All the time.

Why: The same bug that caused the creation of Special Quests has bleed into the Guild Dungeon system. It took longer to pinpoint due to the nature of an entire guild being a part of the battle and the bug’s intermittent appearance.

There’s currently no equivalent of Special Quests being developed at this time, because the issue resolves itself. The stickers are awarded for whatever level dungeon you were a part of. If you hadn’t ever joined a guild, joined one and beat level 25/50, then you’d be awarded the stickers for dungeons 1-25. Therefore, missing the sticker for dungeon 26 will be fixed when dungeon 27 is completed.

Not perfection, I know, but expect Playa to fix the issue properly down the road. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can talk about the bug here.
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