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Not sure if the math will work out in the end or not, but because your total hit points are affected by both the con pot and the poel (which increases total hit point percentage, which depends on your con stat), whereas your damage only benefits from your int and weapon damage (the latter of which is mostly static so can be safely ignored from the equation as most constants are), you have two pots contributing toward your % gain for hit points, while only 1 pot will assist in your damage gain. This probably is the reason why your hit points result in a higher % gain per con stat compared to damage from int.

Also, mages benefit the least from hit points between the three classes and are designed to unload as much damage as possible in as few hits as possible, which is why we can ignore armor, block, and evade from the other two classes. To focus on hit points instead as your primary stat is to make your strongest trait dull and more well rounded. Like the fellow who makes his warrior have str, dex, and int, all equal stats. Except you would need to increase your con stat significantly higher than your int stat for it to make any noticeable change to your character. Any less and you're still doing more damage than your health is contributing towards damage absorption (that is, how much hit points will contribute towards keeping you alive, vs how much damage will contribute towards killing your target faster).

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