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Intellegence and Constitution's effects are not linear you can not compare them linearly.

You have to consider your level and your weapon damage when deciding to put points in int or con. Level growth is not linear and weapon damage is effected by level growth and toilet level which means weapon damage can grow faster than level.

Remember each point of damage you do is multiplied by the number of rounds in the fight where every health point is only 1 point of defense towards the enemies damage.

If you want to compare that next point you have to do a straight comparison at your current stats you have to assume how many rounds each fight will last and multiply that by your increase in damage compared to your increase in health. You also have to make the consideration based on cost for those points, if your next point in int is twice the cost of a point in con then you need to consider where your gold is better spent.

With all things considered, I've found keeping your int and con base stats near the same works well with a tendency to level stats in chunks int first then con and to prefer int equipment over con equipment.
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