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Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
So we are a bit into the Pet Update and I have to say my feelings about the Pet system have changed.

I feel the system worked A LOT better at the start, when you could feed each pet once per day. Then you could distribute the food better.

Now it's all about leveling like 3-5 pets overall to beat the habitats.

The other thing is - sure we slowly get through to the epic pets - what a shame that when we will finally get them, they are gonna be totally useless.

I think the biggest problem with Playa is that they create systems that last a year without a plan of what to do with it next. Be it pets or fortress they don't really consider how is it supposed to work after the "quick" fun start.

And let me say it clearly - presenting a totally new system (like pets after fortress) IS NOT THE SOLUTION.
Have u played MMOs in particular? I do and when you compare content to content it always ends in PVP aspect who's the best, that's why I've asked. Every time when company adds content with PVP aspect there's always a path that content follows, no matter what. With Pets it is that we, those who put strategy and thinking on top, collected pets faster than any casuals (ekhem, for clarification, Im non-shroomer) and now our progress is slower but constant as we reached 15th+ pet in habitat and in the meantime when Playa will add content with Pets involved we fight for glory at Pets HoF, it always ends like that when added content have PVP aspect, always.

For me? I dig the overall Pet idea as I gain up to 20% bonus stat - numbers, dem numbers...


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