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Yep, Zhiva got his medal. Severed Tongue and some other people (including myself, boy do I ever feel silly for giving him 200 wins to help him get there, GF) attacked him to get him 2000 wins in about 10 days.

But that doesn't come close to the guy on German Server 1 with 18000 Victories. He has slowed down, though. He had 16000 five months ago. And, in fact, I could only find that one player on that server that had gotten there, though I didn't look very hard. Lots in the 7000-8000 range, though.

I object to the term "farming", BTW. Is it "farming" when FlyingJoe hits Bain 20x in order to get 7 wins and tear him out of #1? If he does that every three days?

Farming comes from MMORPG's where you stay on one spawn site for hours and days in order to get a rare piece of gear, or to level. Attacking the same person over and over to annoy them is "griefing", but remember that in MMORPG's, a loss means 15-45 minutes of corpse recovery and return to someplace you can fight monsters. Attacking one person 15x in one day in this way causes you to have to delete 15 red mails and, at worst, make 15 attacks of your own to get your Rank back. (Personally, I turn that into 75 attacks to get the honor back 20-35 at a time, but hey, I'm unique.)

"Farming" in this game seems to have come to be defined by two attacks against the same person in one day. I completely reject that opinion of the definition, since that wouldn't even count as "griefing" in an MMORPG, unless the attacker in some way indicates it will happen a third time and more. To reach the level of being objectionable, there needs to be an indication that the attacks are personal, which requires multiple attacks on multiple consecutive days.

While I can wind up attacking the same person on two consecutive days when I am in the lower ranks, it normally doesn't happen until I get into the region where I can lose, which would be above Rank 20. If you're in that region, you better get used to that kind of treatment. The top 15 are very belligerent, and they have very few competitors to attack. If you don't want that, just dump honor by lowering your weapon and attacking more than 1000 honor below you to dump 200 per loss.

Anyway, because I'm down to less than 500, I am definitely going to finish before getting back to Rank 20, so my antics are coming to an end. And that is what makes me not a farmer. I'm going to be done, and will spend my daily attacks in the top 10, where I am "supposed" to be. That will demonstrate that my antics were never personal, which I feel is a requirement for "farming".

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