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Default The gambler... know when to run

Say, that shifty conman is just collecting dust in the tavern. Only those young naive types want anything to do with him. I know a guy who has a friend who used to work in a carnival and there is a gal there that runs a pretty sweet 'Wheel of Fortune.'

For some gold or fungus you can spin that wheel and try to win a prize (but she gets impatient if you stand around too long no matter how much coin you drop). She's got all kinds of things on that wheel and she likes to mix it up too from what I'm told. Most times you don't get squat, other times it's a turnip or some worthless gag. Occasionally there is something nifty but not much use other than to post in your scrapbook to say 'Hey! lookit I got!.' Still she's come across some useful trinkets from her other job she likes to put up to entice folks to spin, things what like you might find in the shops-- armour, weapons, trinkets, or potions-- nothing too fancy but sometimes it's worth swappin' out for what you already got, even then, you can try and sell it at a shop (though it probably floated through their doors already so they won't give much) or flush it down a toilet. Then there is the occasional 'spin again spots' to keep up the excitement. Of course, rumor has it that she has put up some epic stuff on that wheel, what she was given by some suitor or sponsor I suppose, and that's what makes the wheel worth trying. My friend even said she used to put 'shroomies up for a prize but that led to some problems so not sure if she still does that.

Still, if she is around and is looking to set up a regular gig you might want to look her up. Get rid of that shell-game huckster and make the gambling a bit more entertaining and change the tone of the tavern while at it.

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