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-.- I am in debt for awhile...
Well, I decide to pay up the money, how did I get this money...DONT TELL THE COPS THATS HOW!! I give the money and am out of debt. I then get another army, the worst I can think of, the most crucial army ever! A bunch of cute little pitbulls...they are sick as well. These vicious and destructive puppies attack your toddlers. However, the fight lasts a couple seconds and both armies fall due to getting to sick and dying. Before the fight I put on a mask so I wouldnt get sick. With you being so sick you are rushed to the hospital where you are kept for over 3 Months. I claim my Hill and wait for your return. However, I also buy the best army ever! The NERDS! They build the most powerful robots ever and surround my base with robots.
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