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there's alot of stuff-i'm an old skewlah,i'd say go for sum free stuff like osric,
basically a redo of original dnd rules[my fav,but i'm 40...]
hackmaster has a great parody feel,but crazy on "rule lawyers" style[another redo of original]
u might like sumtin more "rules lite",i'd say go for a pdf called "iron gauntlets"
if chosing a new dnd,i say 3.5 is "ok"-kinda weak,but sorta easy,and lots of cool campaign settings-should find lots of free stuff,too-not familiar w/4.0

that bein said-it seems obvious to me that the creators of s&f were really into old skelw,gary gygax dnd--wish ring,figurin out that wand,ect-plus,i instantly loved it[tho i can't read german]cuz it totally reminds me ov another great strip in the old "dragon" magizine called "wormy"[used an 8ball for the "o"]
well,hoped that mighta helped
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