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Cool Comical death Battle!

Comical death Battle was a game me and a friend of mine came up with.
It takes a lot of honesty from both players, especially being applied on a forum its very easy to cheat so I expect you not to do so if your playing.

game basics: each player is a fighter, you can draw a stickman on a piece of maker, paint or other drawing software and post it here...or not.

moving on - each player has 5 hp (heatlh points) [you can decide how many to make the game faster or slowlier as long has both players have the same life].
For starters each player must make a note of 3 attack weapons and 3 defences.
An example of attack weapons: Rocket launcher, Bug swarm.
An example of defence : Titanium wall, teleportation, dig a hole and hide

your imagination is the limit here, as long as you don't make any invincible weapons and defences its all valid

Game rounds: you randomly decide wich player will start the game. That player choses one of his attacks and the oponent one of his defenses. Then they must say them and the one of them may loose 1 hp

example: You attack with fiery arrows and the op defends with turtle shell. The attack his defended and noone looses life.
another one: you attack with bug swarm and the op. defends with turtle shell, the bugs can enter the shell and hit the op. so you win, the op looses one life.

this goes on untill one of the players has no more life, wich means the other one has won!

Ps: I was thinking about having a juri for the game, one who would receive pm's or emails from both players knowing both their weapons and serving as a judge deciding wich attacks hit and miss and declaring the winner.

PPs: only 2 players can fight at each time...although if correctly coordinated we may have a free for all or even a 2 on 2...but let's consider that later.
Also, this thread may need to be edited and cleaned in other to be viewable...

PPPs: I can offer has a judge for the first fights, you can email me stuff and I'll reply the defender's choice and etc... in the end I would simply publish here the report with you'r choices and calling the winner

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