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How can you say you dont want to play a game that is, as you say, I deal 3 damage, you block 2 damage. Have you played Shakes and Fidget? Have you EVER done a quest or fought? Because what you are complaining about not wanting to do is exactly what you do every time you play any rpg game, any fighting game, any game that has a fight or battle or attack system ever. Hell even PONG is based off of those rules. Getting past the other person wins a point and properly blocking it denies it.

I get what you are trying to say, you dont want a system to tell you what your abilities you can use or what they will do, you want to be able to decide that all on your own.... Then have a judge tell you if how you saw your own idea works the way you thought it did. He may say that your tactical nuke strike failed against him being 2 feet away since you wouldnt kill yourself or that you both die. Thats not how you would see your attack going at all, and then the next round he attacks with a plasma drill and you defended with a bunker. Judge will tell ya sorry, since you didnt enact any force shielding, his plasma drill went through it like melted butter.

So where is the fun in a game when you rely on someone else to tell you if your attack works or not? At least using numbers YOU can decide what works best and what doesnt work as well as the others, so unless you wanted all of your abilities to be super powered, and the idea of possibly being able to block it annoys you, then perhaps you should rethink what your sort of Game is. My suggestion for you would be Sims, that way you can do whatever you want and not have to worry about outside influences distorting or changing how you wanted to play.
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