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Originally Posted by BMWGuinness View Post

Your stats are totally dependent upon your gameplay.

I'll need a lot more variables about YOUR toon and YOUR gameplay before recommending stats distribution.

#1 are you a shroomer?
#2 are you a 300 shroomer?
#3 Do you care about the HoF other than SB?
#4 Are you a serious player or a casual player (ie have you memorized Charista's Strategies)?
#5 Do you have PoEL and 2 max potions?
#6 Do you have full epic gear?
#7 Have you collected data on your current stat distribution (wins vs losses, strength against opponents, etc)?
Sorry about the late reply,

1# Yes, I am a shroomer
2# No, not everyday
3# I kind of care more on HoF because my scrapbook is almost done :P
4# I am a casual player
5# I tried to keep 2 max potions every time but not PoEL
6# No, I don't but i was close to having full epic gear during last last epic weekend.
#7 No.

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