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The press release concerning krackout had two lines concerning S&F as well, sadly the news on playas site are not showing text for me or have none behind the links ( and I was unable to find an english press release, so

1st quarter 2013 a new browser game
for S&F: update features some new elements, for example a large tower and fairytale figures, no more details are released at this time
PlayerId > 50K on the main server
1 month without guild and shrooms
Guild build up for a bunch of nonshroomers Top 200 -> Top 5 without mergers and without using the name of old times

Leaving based on activity decline

Officer in the Top 1 guild and sort of co-leader for > 1.5 years
> Lvl 300 10/30/12 as 17th player (stopping financing)
> 17/5xK is either a sign for a superior player or the warning sign for the deaths of many before

> 11/23/13 retiring as guild officer
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