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In Shakes and Fidget the Game, players can choose between 3 classes: warrior, mage, and scout. You choose your class while creating your character and the class can not be changed later in game.

Warriors are into heavy metal and carry the biggest weapons

Attribute bonuses:
strength +7
dexterity +3
intelligence +0
constitution +5
luck +0

The main attribute of warriors is strength. Warriors carry shields(the way warriors protect themselves from enemy attacks) that have a maximum 25% chance to block an enemy attack. Warriors have the greatest armor of all classes, up to 50%. Warriors deal the smallest damage but have the biggest hit point multiplier (5). Warriors may seem weak at the beginning but are very strong at high levels. There are 3 types of dominant warrior builds: damage, hit point and resistance.
Damage warriors have high strength so they deal more damage then other warriors. Damage warriors are strong against mages, scouts with low hp, and other warriors with lower strength. However, they are weak against enemies with high damage.
Hit point warriors don't deal as high damage as damage warriors, but have higher hp. If you're making a hp warrior you should concentrate on constitution, but should keep an eye on strength because you might get so weak that the high hp doesnít help much. Hit point warriors are strong against enemies that deal high damage but have low or medium hp. They are weak against mages with medium or high hp and high damage, and damage warriors.
Resistance warriors have high dexterity and intelligence which is good against all types of scouts and mages, but have less strength and constitution then other warriors. Resistance warrior is the most expensive warrior type because you have to keep increasing dexterity and intelligence as well as strength and constitution. Resistance warriors are good against all types of mages and scouts but weak against other warrior types.

Scouts prefer shooting pointy things from a safe distance

Attribute bonuses:
strength +1
dexterity +7
intelligence +1
constitution +4
luck +2

The main attribute of scouts is dexterity. Scouts donít have shields but can evade(chance to evade is 50% after level 10). Scouts are the combination of warriors and mages. Scouts have medium armor ,up to 25%, do medium damage(more than warrior but less than mages) and have a lower constitution modifier than a warrior, but higher than a mage. The multiplier for a scout is 4. There are 2 main types of scouts: damage and hit point.
Damage scouts have high dexterity so they deal high damage. The damage that these scouts deal with a critical hit gets close to the damage a mage deals. Damage scouts are good against enemies with low hp but are weak against resistance warriors and enemies with high damage.
Hit point scouts deal less damage than other scouts but have higher hp amounts. Hp scouts are pretty much the same as hp warriors but hp scouts have a bit less hp and do a bit more damage. Hp scouts are good against enemies that deal more damage but have low or medium hp.
You can try making a resistance scout but they get pretty weak because of the low hp and damage.

Mages mumble incomprehensible,but quite destructive spells

Attribute bonus:
strength +0
dexterity +0
intelligence +8
constitution +2
luck +5

The main attribute of mages is intelligence. Mages donít have a way to protect themselves from enemy attacks, but their attack can't be blocked (warrior) or evaded (scout). They have the lowest armor, up to 10% snd the lowest hp amounts, but they deal the highest damage. All mages are weak against enemies with high damage and good against enemies with low hp. There are 2 main types of mages. The first is the high damage mage, who builds up their intelligence very high, but has to win quickly because they can not take many hits. The second is the critical hit mage. This build maximizes critical hit chance while also investing in constitution. While mages have the lowest hp multiplier (2), the damage is already pretty high. A critical hit can turn the tide of battle quickly. These mages have the high constitution so that they can survive long enough to get a critical hit. They are weak against all forms of high damage enemies, UNLESS they get many critical hits.
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