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Default Thanks to demonwarrior

Hello, folks!
Today I would like to guide you about my favorite class, warrior.

You will start off like this:

Click on the Sword button, and you will change into warrior! ( but remember you cannot change it back later after you create the account)

Click save, make account and you formed into warrior.

Warriors are into heavy metal and carry the biggest weapons

Attribute bonuses:
strenght +7
dexterity +3
intelligence +0
constitution +5
luck +0

Top tips for warriors:
1) Warrior need strength, so always increase the main stat first. Then raise it again.

Main Stat: Strength Secondary Stat: Constitution
Strength= Higher damage Constitution: Health

2) Warrior has a blocking shield unlike other classes. It helps to block other people attack.

3) Warriors are heavy hitter but compare to other classes, they have the lowest damage. So balance the stats between health and damage.

4) Armour is important for warriors. Armour for warrior max out at 50%. So try to be max out at 50%.

5) If you want to have higher chance of winning against other classes, upgrade your resistance.( both dexterity and intelligence)

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