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Originally Posted by Darstard View Post
I'm not sure how to make the forum more effectively prominent than it is now though. Perhaps a weekly message about it in your mailbox when you're working through L1-10??
What would have brought YOU* to the forums sooner?
Well, I'm a fool for forums, so I just wandered here on my own and I do in pretty much every game I play for more than a week. I don't think there's any way to bring someone like me to the forums faster.

Things that would help with the rest of the game community though--

Improved guides maybe? Or at least guilds encouraging their new players to use the existing guides by linking them in mails or on the guild announcements?

Awarding mushrooms for your first post on the forums would be tempting to a lot of people, though I'm not sure the company is ready to do the work to set up tracking for that.

But back to the original topic-- I'm not sure the threat of banning really does much to discourage breaking the TOS in one way or another. People who multi will prolly continue to do so and either do it smarter or just not sweat it when they do get caught. I haven't been in S&F long enough to even venture a guess on how much that sort of thing happens here, but I've seen it enough in other games to be pretty convinced people don't generally care too much if they get caught in their bad behavior.

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