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Few changes from Playa regarding the upcoming patch and how it mingles with the Arcane Toilet of the Gods and new basic toilet rules:
  • You don't receive gold for the Toilet of the Arcane Gods items you sell to the shops!
  • If you sacrifice an item and receive mana for the tank and a new item, then you don't get mana for the just-rewarded item the next day again!
  • Tower items cannot be sacrificed to the Gods.
  • The Gods prefer epic items! Standard item: 25 mana points, epic item: 50 points, potions: 10 points. The points required to flush the toilet increase with each flush.
  • If a sacrifice exceeds the Mana Tank's current maximum the remaining points are lost.
  • The epic items from the Toilet of the Arcane Gods don't add stickers to your scrapbook!
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