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Its hardly way different. The ability to additionally join guilds and upgrade stats (Weapons and armor do count as stat changes when fighting. Fancy clothes dont make you stronger, their stats do), and yes, even challenging dungeons, it all comes down to you attacking, and based on their defense and your rate of critical attack you will hurt them a lot or a very minute amount. Same basic concept as Player 1 attack 3, Player 2 defense 2. Anyway you want to spin it, its the exact same thing only on a larger scale.

As for this "game" I don't consider role play to be a game. A game has stats, things you can and can't do. In role play if you want to be a tentacle monster from pokemon doing hydropump or whatever they use, you can feel free to do it, but that is still just a role play, and not a game.

When ever there is a game that judges your attack versus their defense, without the other person knowing what you will use till its put down, what else would you call it? Rock paper scissors isnt a predetermined game, I cant tell who will win between 2 people playing rock paper scissors, its a game of chance and reading the opponent, thinking he will make this move, so you should make this move. Spin it however you like, unless it is a turn based game, then its at its core, rock paper scissors.

And now, I am done fighting with you over how role play counts as a game, and that any game that makes you use math cant be fun, even though every single video game ever, yes EVER, invented uses math in one form or another, whether its a random number generator, or a score board, or stats, anyone on this forum will tell you that if you think that S&F is not a mathmatically based game, where the numbers do matter, and you can, on a very good consistancy tell who will win a fight between two players by checkinging their page through the hall of fame, viewing your stats as well as the opponent, that you are sadly mistaken.

So I am sorry that counting from 1-3 is annoying or to difficult, but its the most basic and simplified way to let two people play against each other without involving more members and let them be the deciding force in your game.

This is a game that, I'd honestly thought was interesting enough to try out if anyone else wanted to, but I am not interested in role play. Thats why I play a game, so I don't have to wade through the supposedly creative bs that everyone thinks is genius. Say whatever you want now, there wont be anyone else viewing to see your concerns. I picked this thread up from obscurity since the original poster hasnt seen fit to continue and this board isnt used very much at all except to those that have subscribed to the other threads like the hangman one or the alphabet games. All people will see, if they even look at this, is that the game was posted 5 months ago, was picked up last month, and the only thing that came of it was an argument about how a game involving numbers 1-3 was to difficult for the only other player who might have been interested in it in the 5 months since its been up. I used facts to prove I am right and disprove you, you had nothing accept an intolerable annoyance and naive look at how the games everyone here plays daily are actually played. Good luck on keeping this thread up. Only person that was here to play, someone who got it up before you, left because of you. So, if you want to continue the little argument you'll have to message me about it, not really feel like staying subscribed to the babysitter board.
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