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Originally Posted by Edthard View Post
When you ATTACk others, you have a chance to setup you person..
After you are done, you need a GREAT protection. which can be hard.
you dont know WHO/WHAT will be aiming for you.

Fighting Wizards, your HP is going to save you. last long enough to hurt them.

Warriors, Avoidance will save you. you dont want to be hit to much.

Scouts, HIT them hard and fast. make every HIT HURT.
Okay. Now I see what you did there.

You are inverting the triangle without telling us.

To Scouts: When fighting wizards, invest in HP; last long enough to hurt them.

To Warriors: When fighting scouts, investing in Dex will decrease damage taken so battles last long enough to make victory possible.


Okay, never mind. That's not what you were trying to do.

but adding abit into Strength, to TAKE away your advantage helps also.
As each round the Damage is increased, 1 good hit from the warrior will smash almost anything,
The Wizard has to Stand there and keep shooting and hitting and HOPE he can get your HP down before ANYONE gets a good hit on HIM. Absorbing alittle damage with Strength can let him last abit longer.
This, I assume, is advice for... mages?

Alright, Edthard. You entered the conversation mentioning:
If your BASE stats arent up, then changing around isnt going to help defend you.
Assuming you are still trying to push the point of having an "everyman" strategy, I'll try to answer it with my general strategy for the game...

In ten days, I'll gain ten levels and no amount of STR/DEX your mage is trying to pound in over that time is going to make a difference to my warrior and my scout friends that are in a whole new tax bracket including more stats by way of phatter city guard and better equips and dungeon drops.

Gear (like +ALL gear) really should be making up the bulk of your class-based defense until City Guard can cover the cost of bumping up the bases on those stats. Making tertiary stats meaningful is mostly useful only to slow-leveling mages (who are better off, because they can actually LOSE tavern quests in addition to arenas). I suppose Scouts also may find it helpful to offset some of their 'randomness' but largely HP covers that base.

I'm really trying to wrap my head around what you are mentioning; however, I see it as problematic.

Looking at it another way:
If I'm a mage that builds up my tertiary stats to offset, if I raise both, I don't deal enough damage to compete with other mages. Also, a sufficiently over-primary-statted warrior or scout busts through my strategy because each point I invest is only 1/2 of a point they invest.

If I'm a mage raising only strength (not dex) to cover my Achilles' Heel and still output major damage to keep the scouts at bay, warrior's will probably just walk past me because it's not worth it, but a high luck or high con scout can still break me down since they have TWICE my HP and aren't as feather-touch damage as warriors.

If I'm a mage raising only dex (not strength) to solidify my victory against scouts, of course I become the favorite chew toy of warriors while scouts which already avoid me simply continue their wise course of action.

On the other hand, a mage that invests in Int/Con/Luk or any combination of those becomes a) HP annoying, damage annoying, crit annoying to warriors b)HP annoying, damage annoying, crit annoying to scouts c) HP annoying, damage annoying, crit annoying, very competitive to other mages.

While it is true that mages have the most to gain from doping stats into tertiaries, every class benefits the most from Primary/Con/Luck in that order, and while equipment is the best (and possibly only) way to keep those stats high, other players in the same class need only a slight edge (26% more primary equals double damage guys...) to get a mirror-class advantage, and also get the most bang for the buck against opponents.

The reason for spare gear is that situationally an extra 10% stat-based damage reduction can put a close battle over the edge.

Reconsidering, however, as I've noticed that with a sufficient number of players, taking more time to find better targets is typically easier (and more economically strategic) than keeping spares around. I still keep spares as the gold from them doesn't translate to alot of stats these days (50% of a point of Con?) but to be honest, I usually don't have to use them because there are so many soft targets that aren't really that close enough in combat to merit the risk.

My new recommendation? If you're character isn't yet over-the-top badass, spare gear may be the strategy for you. If you're character IS an OTP 8@|)4$$, then stay on the course and save your money for that lucky epic one day.
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