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Originally Posted by Edthard View Post
Thats pretty good.
Keep your basics UP. add AT LEAST 20-25% luck.
Dont worry a bunch about those extra skills, until later.
The problem Iv seen, is..
The Tavern missions the Stats for the NPC's dont match up 1/2 the time.
A fighter with Max Dex or INT?? really makes it interesting.
Then comes the Dungeons. Yes we can see the basic Stats, but NOT all of it. That Tarantula is KILLING ME..I can match/better his stats, but he hits for 20K the first round. And he is DEX heavy. So I cant tell if he is a fighter with GOOD dex, or a Scout with Fair Strength, or a Wizard with protection in Both Str and DEX.
The weapons they use mean nothing. The highest stat on an NPC is their attack stat. Yes, I've seen a 'Suprino' shooting 'magical' arrows from a crossbow and been hit with 'Dexterous' stones from a Hill giant.

If you aren't a mage, the tarantula is probably just getting lucky. Raise con, raise dex, and try try again.
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