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Actually, friends, he is indeed a Dex NPC as pointed out before.

Level 42 Terror Tarantula (Strength: 205 Dexterity: 726 Intelligence: 224 Constitution: 403 Luck: 247) Hit points: 69316

403*4*43 = 69316, you can check that on a calculator.

Him doing high damage is LIKELY a result of you're character needing MORE ARMOR and MORE DEX which are the only ways to reduce damage. You can't measure crit on an npc because, as an Internet meme eloquently puts it, "The RNG hates you." If a monster has a 1% crit, it will still crit you at the worst possible time 1 in 100 times or 3 in 300 times, and you'll only see 1 of those 297 other times.

A guide on these forums recommends buffing the defense stat until you beat that dungeon critter. This same guide also recommends that you slow down your leveling. I suggest differently. There is no shame in being 4 levels over the dungeon monster before you beat it. You don't get an equipment penalty (it always calculates the lower level between the two) and the crit mitigation and overcoming their hidden armor stat and bonus HP are always appreciated in a game where a streak of bad luck can murder you.

Keeping with the topic, though, and not making this all about your situ; consider that with a few more points of that defensive stat on some cheap gear one day in the weapon shop can actually PROFIT you if it helps you beat it. Dex gear tends to be cheaper to warriors and mages, at least in my experience. Buying one or two pieces that I can sell right back after might put me over the edge to winning the dungeon battle, bagging that phat exp and the phat gold loot at a very nominal gold loss in comparison to the winnings.
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