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Originally Posted by Darstard View Post
A few ideas:
To make the weapon more effective for big guilds and less effective against small guilds (defined by player count).
More ammo / less cost. Flip the 3/5 ratio, so you can load 5 giant mushrooms for 3 mushrooms each. BUT create a stronger tie between the catapult and an attack/defense. Right now you can load your catapult while at complete peace. You should only be able to load the catapult for a declared attack or defense and the max ammo should be tied to the # of players in the opposing guild.
< 3 members = 0 mushrooms
3-9 - 1 mushroom
10 - 19 = 2 mushroom max
20-29 = 3
30-39 = 4
40-50 = 5

Here's the pseudo reality game logic for this concept: The smaller the army, the faster, more mobile it is. Catapults are not precision weapons and would never be used against a handful of opponents. They require a slower moving body to be fired at for effectiveness.
Darstard, you ate the mushrooms, didn't you?...

Don't baulk yet, I'm not finished, and that was me kidding, while this next bit is me being very serious, and seriously impressed (self-facepalm included on my part):

them mushies, they made you into a strategic genius possessing faultless logic, shaving yourself with Occam's razor, and cutting through the nonsense like Alex through the Gordian knot...

(How many game developers does it take to screw in a light bulb?... *groan* Ugh...)

Well, there are signs that intelligent they are n... never mind.

("Beam me up Scotty. There's no intelligent life down here.")

They couldn't think of this themselves, or couldn't be bothered (no real surprise there on my part) - now let's see if they (can) listen to our CoMa, should you, Koopa, decide to pass this on.

(I'll not be holding my breath, but that's just cos I need to breathe even this scrubbed, recirculated orbital air in order to survive, cannot afford to wait for Playa before I next inhale... )

Ah, one more thing:

Originally Posted by Darstard View Post
Less powerful guilds could conceivably defeat a more powerful guild using the weapon. However this also means it would push this much closer into the "they might use it, so I have to use it" strategy camp. So in the end, I'm not sure I like my own idea. Hopefully someone else can run with this in a better direction or kill it.
Nope, sorry. None better, and there'll be no killin' old lad, least not t'day... (That'll learn ya to have any more bright ideas and air them!... )
And following your historically and strategically inspired logic (maybe not, just piggy-backing or shamelessly abusing it ) - the 300 Lacaedemonians did, supposedly, hold back Xerxes' horde, so... if that is even conceivable in the meat world, a game fantasy can surely allow for it, given some propitious circumstances, tactics, and strategies. (The gods of Olympos willing, course...)
Still waters run red...
...behave and be mindful...

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