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I like the idea, Darstard.

To expand upon it:
Instead of having the game determine how many mushrooms you can throw depending on the amount of members of your guild, let the players have the choice of upgrading the amount of mushrooms available.

So starting guilds don't have the option of firing the catapult. In order to do they, they must buy upgrades, much like the way guilds upgrade their Treasure, Instructor, and Fortress bonuses.

I also agree with Darstard's idea of limiting the amount of shots you have based on the other guild's member count. So, guilds must spend gold to have the OPTION of being able to fire 5 shots on large guilds, but against smaller guilds they are limited. Again, turn the whole catapult idea into a sort of investment. And since it's an investment, once players have invested a considerable sum of money into it, have it be more accurate. Say, divide the other guild's roster into parts of 10 players, sorted by level. For every part, 1 mushroom is fired. So if a guild shoots 5 mushrooms, a few of the higher level members of the opposing guild is guaranteed to be hit. Less RNG, less complaining when their invested mushrooms all land on the lowest level players of the other guild.

Since it costs mushrooms to unlock the feature, the actual loading of the catapults shouldn't cost as much. I think it should be like an investment. If a guild wants this feature, then they must be willing to sink mushrooms into it (maybe have the unlock costs relatively high - say, 100 mushrooms each additional shot, capped at 5). Then, 3 mushrooms per shot, like Darstard says.

I also like the whole precision concept. Maybe give the catapults a chance to actually MISS, when fired upon smaller guilds? Kinda like a luck-based mechanism, where if a guild has 40-50 players, chance of hit is 100%; 30-40 players, 90%; all the way down to if a guild as 1-10 players, chance of hit is 70%.

When the feature first started out, I thought it would be more for defensive purposes. I felt that if such an advantage could only be used for self-defense, there would be less abuse. Like small guilds with high level players getting picked on by previously insignificant large-scale guilds with low level players.

So lesser guilds can still defeat more powerful guilds, but only when the powerful guild decides they want to bully the lesser guilds a little bit

Finally, if guilds get fed up that their catapults are missing against smaller guilds per my "accuracy depending on opposing guild's member count" idea, guilds may have the option to upgrade the catapult's accuracy. Another mushroom sink! But not nearly completely useless!

And with that, I have exhausted all my catapult-improving ideas. Thoughts?

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