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Default Brainstorming ideas

New should be added or even better the system revamped. Some are way harder to obtain.
I would suggest new medals for high levels, tower and insane amounts of gold.
From more tricky - ten wins in a row on arena, amount of epic quests, won guild raids, amount of gold given on guild.

I liked Ragorths idea for 51st computer guild member.

Also guild medals. Buying guild wars stat boosts for gold to increase competition. And special awards for won defense, as right now its better to loose defense.

Let's be honest, the game is ending. Theres no point in adding new dungeon after 13th floor, since enemy differences are insane. What we need are additional stats, like Offence and Defense.
I would propose that these would be accesible after lvl 300. Make new single dungeons and raids based on new stats.
Dont let people up them through gold, different mechanic needed.

Add new toilet items and tower enemies to scrapbook, but keep base at 1700, so that people can go a bit over 100%.

Enough for one post. I will write rest a bit later.